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There is no faster way for a food service to quickly lose business than to let a problem of pest control develop or blow out of control. 

No matter how high the quality of food and service is – if word gets out of a pest problem, business is sure to suffer.  Customers certainly keep an eye on sanitation ratings in the Central Florida area, some even checking this information on the web.  Rumors of pest control issues can go viral and destroy the reputation of a restaurant in its community and beyond.

If you think you may have a problem with bugs in your restaurant or cafe, call Potts Pest Control  352-843-4635.

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Great harm can be inflicted on a business that does not take these threats seriously. In addition to  practicing traditional methods of cleanliness,  securing all food in sealed containers and keeping doors and windows closed to deny access to pests (which are all still very important), a good relationship with a restaurant pest control company is now an absolute requirement.

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We treat all pests including roaches, bed bugs, termites, fire ants, carpenter ants, etc. We also treat all kinds of rodents.

Because every pest infestation is different, we offer a FREE assessment of your bug problem. We have budget friendly pest control solutions, so that you can



Termites can be a severe issue for homeowners and company owners.

Regular termite inspections are essential because termites can cause severe damage to households and business structures.

This is where Potts Pest Control can help.

The region of Central Florida has high humidity which translates into lots of moisture, the sort of climate that keeps timber humid and appealing to termites.  If you find mud tubes heading into your home or business from dirt or soil, you may have a termite infestation.

Whether your commercial property is an aging one or a current one, a big or small commercial property, Potts Pest Control is here to assist you with the termite control your business  needs.

We can even be scheduled to arrive regularly so that your commercial termite control is more of a business termite control service.

Call us for a free estimate.

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Don’t wait until you have a termite problem, Call Potts Pest Control today and schedule a termite inspection and plan of treatment to keep termites away.  


Cockroaches inspire a universal cringe, whether from restaurant guests, waiting staff or chefs. Indeed, they are almost a cultural symbol of lack of cleanliness.

Any sight of them will surely harm your restaurant or establishment and should be handled swiftly and thoroughly by a pest control professional.

Cockroaches can survive for months without food and nearly two weeks without water.

They can also easily enter your restaurant through food deliveries and other ways, so just trying to clean up to remove them on your own is hardly a good option. The last thing you want to see from a customer or health code inspector is a cockroach, trust me.

If you have tried and failed to get rid of roaches on your own, don’t panic. Our technicians understand precisely how to get rid of cockroaches and are always  outfitted with higher-grade products than are accessible to the general public.

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If a pest issue occurs between visits, we will return and service your business free of charge.

Bed Bugs

Pests occur in a multitude of types including insects and animals in and around  Central Florida. When these animals invade your commercial property or business location, it is very essential that you eliminate them before they cause severe damage to your profits.

As more and more individuals are being trained about bed bugs, it is totally vital that your motel or hotel and establishment be checked.

If there is any indication of bed bugs, treatment must begin promptly and can be eradicated with routine inspections.

In some instances, bed bugs are carried in by an unsuspecting visitor as they spread, rooms have to be checked and serviced by a professional pest control business.

Whether you’re fighting bed bugs, cockroaches, wasp, ants, mosquitoes or rodents, our business can provide high-quality, fairly priced extermination services.

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Early detection of  a bed bug issue is vital, before the infestation becomes permanent or widespread.

Because bed bugs can be difficult to locate and recognize, it is essential to hire a skilled pest control business due to their tiny size and practice of remaining concealed.

Treating a minor infestation is faster and less expensive than one that is widespread.

Stinging Insects

There are many various kinds of  stinging insects.  Wasp, yellow jackets, hornets, and bees can nest and swarm in all sorts of unexpected locations.

They can be discovered in shrubs, trees, underground, and even under the eaves of your home or business.

Although, there are many kinds of insects that are mostly harmless; there are also some that are much more aggressive and others that can cause structural damage to the property you own.

We are here for all your stinging insect control needs.

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Call us today, to inspect and treat your business or property for these unwanted guests.  


Rodents are attracted to food and you will often see them  in and around dumpsters while findng harborage in dry storage areas.

Rats and mice often carry diseases and should be taken very seriously.

Go to the Center for Disease Control website if you need a reinforcement that there is nothing cute about finding a mouse in your restaurant.  Of course not a rat either!

If there is  a rodent siting or problem found at your establishment, contact Potts Pest Control, we know exactly what to do!

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We not only get rid of these pest we can inspect and secure your establishment.  We offer solutions to help keep them out.


From coast to coast homeowners and businesses in the Central region require ant control.

Urban and suburban regions all have ant pest control problems. Some ants, such as carpenter ants, may compromise the structural integrity of your home or company.

They can burrow their nests in timber, and these nests can pose structural distress and jeopardize the structure’s integrity.

Even ants frequently called “sugar ants” may seem harmless until they swarm your kitchen.

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Our ant control specialists have an experienced perspective on what to look for and apply the required treatment to exterminate the ant infestation.

Continuous ant control will safeguard your property’s framework.

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