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Environment Safe Pest Control

Potts Pest Control specializes in pest control services that are environmentally responsible.

We offer an alternative to traditional pest control that is environmentally conscious.

By using Integrated Pest Management (IPM), our focus is on the property’s exterior where we conduct a thorough property inspection.

Because pest problems come from outside, we also focus on baiting areas that are conducive, monitoring and exclusion.

If a pest situation were to occur inside, we would use the most conservative methods to inspect and strategically treat the targeted areas.

Stinging Insects




Home Protection

We provide pest control for all pests including roaches, termites, fire ants, carpenter ants, stinging insects, etc.  We also treat all kinds of rodents.

Because every pest infestation is different, we offer a FREE assessment of your bug problem. We have budget friendly pest control solutions, so that you can


Stinging Insects

Hornets, bees, wasps, and yellow jackets, to name just a few of the pests in the household that sting as a way of protecting their colonies.

This can become extremely dangerous for people to try to solve the situation themselves.

These aggressive stinging insects often attack in large groups, sending hundreds of thousands of people every year to the emergency room.

Get rid of your property’s stinging pests by contacting a professional exterminator.

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At Potts Pest Control, our professional service offers an exceptional level of expertise and uses the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods to solve the problem.


Our plans for pest control are powerful enough to put spiders back in their place.

As more spiders settle near your home, there is a great increase in their chances of moving inside the home.

In addition to indoor and outdoor treatments, our plans include an outdoor inspection and cobweb dusting to create more distance between your family or workforce and the spiders from outdoors.

Keep the play area for your little ones safe.  Stop the spiders in their tracks before they stop you in yours, by giving us a call today.

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Vegetation around your home’s perimeter increases the likelihood of spiders relocating to the interior of your home.

Shrubbery, bushes, plants and flowers offer attractive hiding places for spiders.  


It is known that fire ants are extremely territorial of their habitat and will attack anyone threatening their nest.  Due to their unique ability to sting rapidly in large numbers, the fierce nature of fire ants has led to countless emergency room visits.

Call for an immediate inspection from a licensed fire ant exterminator if you find any signs of a fire ant mound on or around your property.

To properly eliminate fire ants and ensure that they do not return, our professionals use the most efficient and environmentally friendly methods.

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Do not wait to contact Potts Pest Control if you see any signs of a fire ant mound on your property.

Our professional pest services in Florida will remove these ferocious creatures from your lawn properly in order to protect you and your family from attacks.

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